Experience a fresh encounter with Christ as Stu Epperson recounts the last seven statements uttered by Jesus on the cross.

This one-step resource and devotional will help you understand more deeply...

  • What Jesus said from the cross and why;

  • What His words mean for your everyday life; 

  • Why Jesus came and why He suffered;

  • How to help others better understand all that Christ offers through His life, death, and resurrection. 


"With thoughtful sensitivity and depth of insight, Stu helps the reader connect the dots between Creation and the Crown as he draws back the veil on the personal meaning and powerful implication behind the words."

- Anne Graham Lotz,

"Stu Epperson has been on the front lines of spreading the Gospel to the masses for more than 25 years through his work in Christian radio. Now, in his first book, Stu breaks down each of the short but powerful statements Jesus made in His final hours, showing how those final words impact us today - and for eternity. This is probably the most powerful sermon Jesus ever gave, but it's the one we often overlook. Don't miss it!"

- Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio host

"I'm grateful for my friend Stu Epperson's careful, thoughtful look at the most important moment in human history. Whether you are a seeker looking into these things for the first time, or a believer in search of deeper insight, you'll find much in here to both challenge and encourage you."

- J.D. Greear, PhD, author of Jesus, Continued...Why the Spirit Inside You is Better Than Jesus Beside You

"Stu Epperson has given us a well-researched, in-depth account of the Last Words of Jesus. If taken seriously, these words will change your life. I highly recommend this book."

- Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages


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